Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Twas several days after Christmas and I'm a bit late
So here goes the story not to overrate.

It was quite busy with so much shopping in tow
Spent quite a bit - over budget wouldn't ya know

Christmas Eve was special with the Childrens Mass filled
Visitors from afar, parishioners calling for Father Theo to rebuild

We headed to my Mothers for a comfortable greeting
Beautiful decorations,  fun galore and lots of eating

Late getting home with the children hurrying to bed
Time to wrap presents for visions of Santa danced in our heads

Woke the next morning with first things first
Baby Jesus in the Manger and prayers versed

On to Alexander who played a few songs for our delight
Then to Brian who opened James gift of box after box to enjoy his plight.

We continued our tradition with celebratory chatter
The best gift of the day was from my husband, pant size was the matter

Then on to Christmas morning with our annual breakfast and later for dinner
Where my Mother cooked a roast that was certainly a winner. 

And so 2012 is on its way with much marathon training behind us
We are packing for Goofy and feeling really quite nervous.

Merry Christmas to all! As we head to Disney for our big debut
With love and blessings to many ~ farewell, we bid you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Texas trip - part 1, partner.

On our way to the biggest state in the nation we stopped in Atlanta, Georgia for breakfast, Alabama for lunch, Mississippi, just because,
it's on the way, 

and as luck would have it (or rather really good planning) we ended up in New Orleans, Louisiana for a delicious Cajun dinner and an overnight stay.
The next morning we awoke early and decided we couldn't leave without touring the French Quarter....

And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Cafe Du Monde  just happened to be on close by We sampled a few beignets.

 Did I find Heaven!!
So we sampled a few more and a few more after that...
After rolling ourselves out into the streets of the Big Easy, we spotted St. Louis Cathedral and thought it best to confess my our gluttony sins.

While there we learned this beautiful church was built around the early 1700's and has 
fossilized tile floors. It was pretty cool.
Upon leaving the cathedral Alexander met a few friends. 
Some pretty cool jazz musicians.

Later, we came upon an opportunity to visit a bug museum called  Insectarium.
A really great place to visit if you get the chance.

Don't be nervous if your not a fan of a small invertebrate,
it was quite fascinating. 
Take it from an anti-bug enthusiast.

If you go during lunch,
your in luck because they actually serve insects!  

and cooked them while you wait! 

Although the aroma was really something to tempt the taste buds, the thought of eating creepy crawlers just didn't seem very appetizing.

So we opted for plan B and took the first train, bus, boat outta there!

Got in the car and headed toward

the Big "T"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

T-shirts of James

In looking through several pictures, I've noticed one specific theme     
involving our oldest son. Each time I try to get a snapshot of him, he's in a t-shirt.

Some of them are pretty funny, seeing a 22 year old wearing a t-shirt with the words "My mommy thinks I'm special" just cracks me up. (and Yes, I do).

I'm thinking... its a sign of my sons higher intelligence to wear a goofy shirt like a picture of the cookie monster, Elmo or even this one, of Einstein.

Although I am delighted that he stands up for what he believes and makes his values known...

Hm, perhaps some may be a bit cynical. 

Anyone for steak?

The cool ones display places he's visited. 

I'm not sure he's actually been to Bermuda... 
perhaps the places someone else visited?? Oh well.

 You have to admit this one is pretty clever. It's a t-shirt that he and a few of his friends designed for a local company. James' silhouette is the one in the middle, under the light. 
Can you see "his" glow? 
That's my boy.

After going through these pictures. I thought of sending his photo and a letter to the show
What Not to Wear
truthfully, I don't care.

James is one of my most favorite people in the world.
A super young man and a wonderful, kind individual anyone would have the pleasure to meet.
It has been my greatest joy to have him in my life.

Soon enough these t-shirts will turn to business suits. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a good thing

My Mother has a special  talent with decorating. She understands the importance of making one feel comfortable and always welcomed into her home. 

Each holiday she places magical affects on everything she touches. Anytime there is a birthday or a special event my Mother knows how to pull it together. Personally,  I love the wonder of transformation on her home during this season.  Once my nephew George noted "Nana's house is decorated! Christmas is here! Christmas is here!"

Indeed it's a happy, warm and inviting wonderland. 

This year was no different. 

The front entrance is a simple of elegance of silver sparkling deer, plaid garland, and white poinsettia's. 

Turn to the left and you will find her living room glistening with crystal wise men, lights and angel atop a beautifully decorated tree.

Enter through an archway and you will find the dining room. Where Dickens village is placed on glass shelving overlooking  the festivities.

The table is set simply with an adorable reindeer runner and each plate meticulously placed in a strategic fashion for a wonderful social gathering.

I, like so many, love seeing the new, fresh ideas and decorations my mother originates each year.

Thanks Mom for teaching and passing on your welcoming views to the rest of us.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Alexander and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

My Alexander loves music! He plays the piano quite often and enjoys listening to musical orchestras. One of his favorite the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A classical rock band with the power to transform music into dancing lights,  pyrotechnics and fireworks. A year ago they came into town and he asked to go see them for his birthday but the tickets were sold out. 

So this year Reiner, my husband, heard that they were coming into town, and as luck would have it, his company was giving a special drawing for their employees for boxed seats right in front of the stage. "the box" is comfortably furnished with big leather chairs, a television and all you food you can the eat and drink! 

Thinking of Alexander without hesitation he jumped at the chance to put his name in the hat. 


He won!

(Just wondering. Did you think to play the lottery too, dear?)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Garrison Keillor! Make me laugh!

Brian, our nine year old's favorite all time radio host is non other than Garrison Keillor . Every Saturday night he sits with his ear close to to the radio and laughs at each delivered joke and story. Brian's ear is attuned to  stories of Lake Wobegon and the travels of Guy Noir and the cast of a Prairie Home Companion. It's really quite funny.

Recently, Brian and I where driving back from a visit to my sister Karen's home. We drove down Main Street in Greenville to look at all the Christmas attractions being offered in our town. As we past the Peace Center,

Brian shouted "WAIT!! Mom!! Stop! It's Garrison Keillor!"

"Where?" I replied.

"There! On the sign! At the Peace Center! He's coming! Mom! He's coming here!"

"Oh. That's nice." I replied.

"Oh. No. Mom. you don't understand. Please! Wait! This is an opportunity of a life-time! For Christmas. He's retiring. I have to go see him! Please Mom. I will never get the chance again. He's coming. It's all I want for Christmas!"

"Really? No gifts? No toys?" I said

"Well. No. I want. toys. too. BUT. Okay. Well. I didn't mean that's all I want. Listen. You can give Alexander 8 gifts and give me 7. Because this will count as a gift. Okay? Pleeeeze!?

"WOW! With a bargain like that how could we pass up an opportunity of a lifetime for Christmas, Brian!" I replied


Although the show was funny, the greatest part was becoming star struck by meeting the face of radio in person and have everyone standing around you while Mr. Keillor talks to a you, personally,  about his show and life on the radio.

"What did he say to you Brian?" I asked

"I don't remember, Mom. I was too nervous. But if you notice, Garrison Keillor wore a red tie with orange sneakers and I wore a red vest with an orange shirt. Pretty funny, huh? I wanted to stand next to him for a picture but everyone was near me and I was nervous."

"That's okay. I think it's pretty neat that he talked to you. But next time maybe you should wait to eat a mint until you get home." I answered.

"Heh. Yeah. Did you notice he autographed a book for me?" 

"Thanks Garrison Keillor"

"Oh yeah. And thanks Mom. And Dad too."