Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calling all bug enthusiast!!

So... I'm a homeschooling Mom. I'm not great at it.  My sister is much better at it than I could even pretend to be but that's another story. This past year our homeschooling life was not the greatest in getting things done. My awesome organizational skills were little to none. 

There just never seems to be enough time in the day. Of course if I was better with time management which was an actually course that I took while in school. Yes. I passed with a B, who knows maybe a C. However, now I have no idea of what I learned!!

Calling all organizers to the rescue! 

Yep, another story. Anyway, in thinking over what type of curriculum we will follow next year,  I realized that we are really not strong in the sciences. Not a surprise, as I have been greatly focused on reading, writing and arithmetic. Better known as the three R's and haven't given much thought to other subjects.

However,  I have boys who love to build, bang and boom things forever and ever, Amen.  This year my goal is to try to become a bit more creative and open minded to other options. So I asked my children. One of the things the boys would like to do is study bugs. I know. I know. I hear you  - my one and only follower!   I hate bugs. I loathe bugs. The thought of it already has me squeamish.

I'm one of those that believe God blessed me boys was for the sole perhaps of killing bugs that come into my house. In God's great sense of humor and knowledge he sent me not one but three wonderful boys who are kind, gentle and love all of 'Earth's creatures'.

Okay. So James - the older college student in the middle - not so much anymore. But you get the point.

I have budding entomologist in my mist and as a responsible homeschooling Mother *gulp* I've got to  embrace *gag, gag*. Yeah.  Who am I kidding?

This is going to be one of those girlie-girl-yikes-screaming moments. Truly, I can feel the stress coming on.

Please HELP!!!  I need suggestions. Books to read? Things to do?  Other than posting bugs *breathe* to a board and naming them... Oh gee-sh! I have a lot to work through but in the mean time, is there anyone out there including my sister - who has suggestions other than seeking counseling - on how to get this bug party started?

Any other ideas about innovative science ideas would be great too!