Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey Congress! Can't we be friends?

Perhaps I need to speak with my nephew Matthew, our residential genius but he's in Alabama listening to someone speak for the next 5 or so days, for 12 hours a day, about Economics and since he is only taking calls from his Mother, I'm not sure he will answer mine.

BUT I just don't get it? The debt ceiling talks? Have you heard about it?  What is the purpose of all this? Why would the House of Representatives and Senators be holding out and not coming up with an agreement?

I am so confused by the entire concept. I have listened to several in the news media. I have watched Fox News better yet known as the republican view point and to MS NBC the democratic viewpoint.  Is it simply media hype like the bird flu was many years ago? Where is Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain when you need them? Remember? Point counter Point? on SNL. "Jane you ignorant ..." Or even Dana Carvey?

Ya gotta wonder. Did one of the Senators not like the way the other one buttered his bread? Maybe Polesi took the last chocolate covered biscotti? She is a women. It could happen. Women seem to be the start of all troubles. Remember Eve?

Perhaps they just need more fiber in their diets. Today I saw a pair of underwear for people who are flatulent. Hides the smell. Maybe they should get a pair of those. Ya think that'll help?

I don't think those on Capital Hill remember that a while back they passed a bill to include National Friendship Day! That's probably why they aren't getting along! It's True. Today is National Friendship Day. Brueggers is giving away free bagels.