Friday, September 23, 2011

Pirates!!!! of Graceland's Coachwood

I, I, Mate.

My guys still love to dress up in costumes.

Arrrr. Thar Matey!

 These pirate hats are a special gift from their Nana after her trip to the Bahama's.

oh yeah! 

I'm scared.

  (Thanks Mom!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Opey Cunningham

Remember Opey from Andy Griffith?  

My Alexander is the cutest little red head you will ever have the pleasure to meet. 

His smile is dynamic. He actually looks a lot like Opey.

He loves sports, any kind of sport, but he's especially talented in the game of tennis. 
.In fact, if your visiting us and hear thump. thump. thump

Rest assured it's not a peg-legged pirate or Opey Cunningham... it's Alexander practicing his forehand, backhand or grand slam against the sheet-rock in our garage.

Did someone mention Lego's?
Like most little boys his age he can build just about anything. 
His latest was an exact replica of the well known twin towers in New York which he saw briefly in the news one night during the week of 9-11 remembrance.
Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough with the camera.

He really enjoys playing the piano and has gotten quite majestic with musical tunes. In fact, he recently preformed for the Ladies and Gents of a local Music club in town. 
Once again I forgot my camera 
but trust me when I tell you,
He. Was. Great.
Of course... I am his Mother. 

Unfortunately, there is one thing that Alexander has not enjoyed so much...



Captain Underpants! 

This book is literally infectious and full of gross bathroom humor which has brought a giggling joy of reading into my reluctant reader.

It's cartoon featured pictures enhance good dirty jokes. It's a perfect noneducational and corny read that has kept my guy completely entertained. In my opinion, any child who is not interested in reading could truly benefit from this book therefore become engaged 
for hours - well into the night. 

With this book Alexander's confidence levels has greatly improved.
His ability to read fluently has become noticeably different.
Although, it's not the book I would have chosen but it's gotten the reading ball rolling
and really -
isn't that what's important?

Personally, for me,
it has been one of my greatest pleasures 
to yell at Alexander and tell him

Sweet dreams Opey Alexander.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Sister's Talent(s)

My sister Lisa

whom I just realized is behind the camera more than she is in front of it!

Hence the reason this seems to be the only recent photo I have of her. Taken this past weekend after a super "fun" run the two of us finished and therefore celebrated by treating ourselves to a delicious smoothie from the best smoothie place in the world. 

Anyway, I could go on and tell you that she is a great photographer, of which she is self-taught. I could go on and on about her ability to discuss, debate and debacle anything from politics to homeschooling. I could add her amazing sense of humor to the list, or her athletic abilities and successful marriage or even the accomplishment of being a wonderful mother among many other things...
  BUT none of these things has blessed her... I mean, our family's life more than her talent to make one heck of a fantastic moist chocolate-frosted chocolate cake.


Lucky for us... she makes a mean, melt in your mouth chocolate rocky road fudge too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Wish for Stephen

Don't tell my sister BUT she has some really great kids big brats. Whom I simply adore ignore. They are always helping annoying one another and others! 

Someday, I hope that these kids can turn their lives around and really strive to make a difference in this world. If you've ever had the pleasure to meet these kids you'd know what I mean when I say.... She has such a long way to go.

It so happens that today, 17 years ago, Stephen, one of her "Fab Four" children was born.

In wishing Stephen a very Happy Birthday, as his Aunt, I feel it's important to give some advice on this milestone. So for what it's worth here goes...

Once in a while Stephen it would be nice if you would to take time out of your day to visit your relatives. Stop in and have a tall glass of water to simply converse with your Aunts and Uncles.  Think about others.  When someone ask for help. Give it. Volunteer to paint a room or help move furniture. 

Someday I hope you would find a passion. Build something. Like a bench for your Mother!  Be kind to your siblings. Be a good friend to them. Make breakfast for them every once in a while. Go fishing with your Dad. Take time to listen to your parents.

Stand tall and reach great heights! Stand up for your beliefs.  Start working on yourself and your image! It's important that you workout. Perhaps lift weights, ride a bike up a mountain or go for a run. Get out and enjoy things and people around you. Embrace nature.

I wish that you could take time to volunteer at the local church and become an alter server.  Be the type of person that your little cousins would aspire to be.  Finally, I hope you will start more paying attention to your Grandmother. Cut her grass. Clean up around her house once in awhile.

It is my hope that you will eventually heed my words and....

Have a wonderful day, Stephen!
Happy Birthday, Love M

It's truly been a delight and pleasure to be one of your many Aunts
Thank you for being such a fabulous nephew.   

(and great kid - in spite of your parents)  ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Laborers

On this Labor Day

We are busy as bees....
OR butterfly's as the case may be
Look fast!
 (Okay. Well.    It was a picture of a bee)


Just us three

Oh!  Joy! 


How did you spend your day of Labor?

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have been up half the night trying to figure out how to get back into this blog and post onto this site. I have e-mailed this one and this one in reference to figuring this whole thing out. BUT obviously they are too busy POSTING about their own things than to pay attention to me!

Unfortunately. Now. I don't remember what I was going to say......

Stay tuned.  I'm sure it'll come to me.