Monday, October 31, 2011

13.1 things to think about

This weekend my sister Lisa and I ran in the Spinx !/2 marathon in Greenville, Sc

Although she's a runner and athlete 

This was HER First Official Marathon 
Anyone whose run long distance knows this stuff is tough!

 I was so proud AND happy to see her cross that finish line. 

In fact she bought a 13.1 sticker for the back of her car.

She's Hooked.

Official Recognition of a Real Marathoner!! 

13.1 miles = 21.0824064 kilometers

13.1 things to think about

Mile 1 ~ I'm cold
Mile 2 ~ This is so easy
Mile 3 - I'm hot, I hate this
Mile 4 - Are you kidding me?
Where's the finish line?
Mile 5 - I'm hungry, where's McD?
Mile 6 - I'm thirsty, I.need.a.drink.
Finish line, where are you?
Mile 7 -  Ya know,  this isn't so bad.
Mile 8 - Leg cramp. Where is that stupid Bus?
Finish? Line?
Mile 9 - Are you kidding me? Another dumb Hill?
Mile 10 - Ok yes! Only 2 miles left!
Mile 11 - Wait! No! 2 miles left? What? 
Mile 12 - Are my feet and legs still moving? Are they attached?
Okay. So where's the finish line? 
Mile 13 - You mean I still have to run?
Mile 0.01 - I did it! So much fun!!!!!
Where's the chocolate?

You can't just buy those goodies off the shelf.
(okay. well. your not supposed to)

Hey, guess what... 
I beat my old time and had a personal record. Fastest pace to date!!

(Which isn't really that fast but faster than last year so...)
BUT the last 5 miles of this race was uphill!
Hey. I'm happy.

To everyone out there who is thinking about signing up for a marathon. WE say...


 On your mark

Get Set. 

Sign up for a race today! 

Who knows my sister Lisa and I may join you in the fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our fishing trip by Alexander and Brian

It appears that I have been busier than normal lately. My kids have been asking me to write a post about their recent fishing trip so their Uncle Mark can read about the great BIG FISH they caught. I suggested since they are in a writing class and wasn't there - They should write about it.

So without further ado may I present Alexander and Brian's first post:

These following pictures may be disturbing to Uncle Mark and our cousin Mary's fishing career. (Brian) 

This was not like our usual fishing trip. We usually start out with a dull morning and puny fish. The day before was cold and our special day was just right in temperature.

 Dad caught the first fish of the hour. But that one was not right. He was a little to thin.

Ι, Brian, caught a fish that was a little bulkier but that one wasn't right either.

Wait! You haven't seen anything yet!

Last but not least...

We, really me... Alexander, caught this guy! 

He's Just Right.

Maybe someday we will show Uncle Mark our special fishing hole.

Hold on!
We should see if Aunt Lisa will bake us a cake first. Mom said sometimes bribery works.