Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Twas several days after Christmas and I'm a bit late
So here goes the story not to overrate.

It was quite busy with so much shopping in tow
Spent quite a bit - over budget wouldn't ya know

Christmas Eve was special with the Childrens Mass filled
Visitors from afar, parishioners calling for Father Theo to rebuild

We headed to my Mothers for a comfortable greeting
Beautiful decorations,  fun galore and lots of eating

Late getting home with the children hurrying to bed
Time to wrap presents for visions of Santa danced in our heads

Woke the next morning with first things first
Baby Jesus in the Manger and prayers versed

On to Alexander who played a few songs for our delight
Then to Brian who opened James gift of box after box to enjoy his plight.

We continued our tradition with celebratory chatter
The best gift of the day was from my husband, pant size was the matter

Then on to Christmas morning with our annual breakfast and later for dinner
Where my Mother cooked a roast that was certainly a winner. 

And so 2012 is on its way with much marathon training behind us
We are packing for Goofy and feeling really quite nervous.

Merry Christmas to all! As we head to Disney for our big debut
With love and blessings to many ~ farewell, we bid you!