Thursday, February 2, 2012

Selling out for cake

Hi Aunt Lisa,

Brian: Remember when you bribed me with cake to provide quality information about the private fishing hole my Dad, Alexander, and I found during the fall last year and caught a bunch of fish ? 

Alexander: AND YOU DID!
Brain: Okay. But...
Alexander: No Brian! Remember how YOU sold out this family over a piece of chocolate cake while Dad was in Texas and the we where with Aunt Lisa, Nana and Mom at Aunt Karen's during Halloween?

Brian: Okay. Okay! Aunt Lisa, now my Dad is calling me a traitor! He said I was Benedict Arnold and then told me to look up who he was on the internet.

Alexander: Yep! He said YOU can Never go on another fishing trip with US again because YOU sold YOUR soul over a piece of cake!

Brian: I told him I was sorry!
Alexander: YOU told him it was CHOCOLATE!! Then you told him you were sorry!
Brian: I told him Aunt Lisa made it! What did expect me to do?
Alexander:  I didn't do it! I didn't eat it! Was it worth it?
Brian: I don't remember. I think it was really good. It was good. Aunt Lisa made it!
Alexander: Don't worry Brian. Dad will forgive you... some-day! 
Brian: Oh! Dear. Aunt Lisa. Here I am. This is not good. The fish will be biting soon, and I will be left behind with nothing to do. No fishing, no cake,  just me.

I still have Nana!! 
AND THE Wii ... at her house!!!!!! 
And she knows how to make a cake! 
Right Nana?