Monday, June 27, 2011

All The Dirt

Recently my cousin left a comment in reference to giving more dirt.  
"be sure to include a little dirt here and there!" She said.

 Regina,  her daughter Mary Kate and my husbands knee.   

Well! As luck would have it. It stormed here last night.  

MAN o Man what a storm it was! Gray gloomy clouds gave way to black. In the distance we heard thunder roar as the clouds suddenly turned to an ominous green. Then POW!

Flashes of lightening danced in the night, as golf ball size hail plummeted from the sky. Ends up loads of trees uprooted leaving even more Dirt!! .

My Mother's pool was covered.

The DIRT was every where!  Clean up was exhausting! 

My brother George

Mud holes so deep you could swim in them.


Thankfully the storm has passed and I sincerely hope I satisfied your need for dirt my dear Regina.

 BUT It's to bad you didn't ask for a bit of gossip. I've got plenty of really good stuff for that!



Lisa said...

Now, that's dirt! :)

One of many cuzzins! said...

You're a dirty dog...that's a horrible picture of me!

Margaret said...

I thought it was a nice picture. Your beautiful!!

Or better yet you could come back down for a visit so we can get current!!