Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!! 

I would love to share the wonder of my own Father with you, although, it's been awhile since he left us for a full time postilion in heaven as a prayerful saint, I still tend to get the ugly cry syndrome when I talk about him so I thought I'd tell you about another great guy, my husband.


That's him - the one on the right. In the blue shirt. Isn't he wonderful?

Reiner, is one of the most amazing men I've had the pleasure to know. German born, hence the name of this blog Cabbage and Weinerschnitzel, the cabbage of course is Irish and Wein - okay, well, you get the point..

Anyway, my husband and his family moved to the great US of A quite a long time ago. He actually learned how to speak fluent English in South Carolina as a child. Even though I get very aggravated at times with his constant use of poor prepositional phrases, (well? doesn't that aggravate everyone?) I have to tell you His Mother (and Father) did a really great job in raising this awesome guy.

As a father to our sons he has taught them how to be attentive and compassionate young men. Always, thinking of each other and others around them unless of course they have chocolate or something else sweet to. Well. For the most part He's taught them how be admiral and loving individuals. Best of all he taught them how to love and respect my Mother and me.

He quite often makes every effort to set aside quality time to be with each of our sons. My sister can attest to seeing my husband hard at work on the roof of our garage only to take a moment or 30 away and climb down a  ladder just to help our younger boys create a wooden hatchet so they could play Davey Crockett. (Hey, were homeschoolers, in our world, he still exist.)

So how could I resist when our oldest suggested this great father's day gift!!  Oh! Sorry. I can't show you because unfortunately, IT didn't come in on time........ very frustrating!   We decided to keep it for plan B. Perhaps the children will give it to him at Christmas and then I can let you all in on the great gift that I bought. Perhaps it'll get here by then.

But then again, I guess he's already gotten his gift. Our children. I know he is and has been a great gift for them. and me

Yep. He's quite special.

Here's hoping your gifts came in on time. Happy Father's Day everyone!!

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Lisa said...

Yeah, he's alright, I mean not so bad...I mean REALLY GREAT :)