Saturday, June 11, 2011

The art of Photography

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I am new to the blogging world. I know a few people with blogs; my sister for one and my cousin being the another. In trying to find my way around other blogs I've noticed and i feel encourage by the many blogger's great ability to take great photos and have wonderful captions for specific post.

In looking over my sisters blog  Advent and other Fine(nell) Adventures I appreciate the fact that she has become quite the talented photographer. She has come up with a creative way to place her photo's in an impressive collage formation. Recently, I asked her if she would teach me some of her ideas. Here is her answer from a recent post in reply to a comment sent from another blogger on her site:

You asked how I made the balloon collages? I simply put pictures into a collage setting on my picasa up load  ((this is the first step to the picasa up load on my computer not the one you send pictures to...understand?...I hope so :) ))

I used a white back ground and ta-da done :) Once I figured it out it was easy.

Margaret ~ NO! :)

That's me. Margaret, aka Maggie, aka M. I'm sure you get the drift. We won't go with the any of the other aka's. Don't worry. She'll teach me. (I think. I hope.) You have to admit, it is a funny reply. She's clever although her daughter may disagree,

she is funny.                                 (Definitely need an updated photo of my niece!)

I just love the description under her blog title "Where the Irish, Polish and German Laugh, Weep, and Love their way through life". So charming. Don't you think?

In addition to my sisters elite photographic experience, I noticed that others really know how to take good pictures and capture the moment in an awesome post to get their point across.  

For example, in my cousin's blog The Amazing Trips , Jen wrote a smart post titled "Out on a limp". I was actually there for the picture taking experience in which I witnessed her literally lay on the ground, while her youngest,
William, one of the triplets, climbed on her as she was capturing this great photo!

and this one.
and this one

Although my children told me, my dear cousin warned against publishing pictures of her on a blog that she basically created for me...I couldn't resist.    Could you? 

In any event, I found it impressive that she was holding papers under her arm, undeterred by her busy surroundings as she photographed children climbing a tree, just after taking snap shots for a special get well wish for her niece for yet another post. Pretty impressive, huh?

Besides the fact of getting in a great ab workout, perhaps it's just one of many ways every great Mother, contortionist, blogging, photographer should be.

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Lisa said...

That Jen! she will do anything for a good story. ((Just like any good blogger.))

Alright, Alright already...I'll do it! :) But you know your pictures are good.

See how much fun this thing it.