Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Garrison Keillor! Make me laugh!

Brian, our nine year old's favorite all time radio host is non other than Garrison Keillor . Every Saturday night he sits with his ear close to to the radio and laughs at each delivered joke and story. Brian's ear is attuned to  stories of Lake Wobegon and the travels of Guy Noir and the cast of a Prairie Home Companion. It's really quite funny.

Recently, Brian and I where driving back from a visit to my sister Karen's home. We drove down Main Street in Greenville to look at all the Christmas attractions being offered in our town. As we past the Peace Center,

Brian shouted "WAIT!! Mom!! Stop! It's Garrison Keillor!"

"Where?" I replied.

"There! On the sign! At the Peace Center! He's coming! Mom! He's coming here!"

"Oh. That's nice." I replied.

"Oh. No. Mom. you don't understand. Please! Wait! This is an opportunity of a life-time! For Christmas. He's retiring. I have to go see him! Please Mom. I will never get the chance again. He's coming. It's all I want for Christmas!"

"Really? No gifts? No toys?" I said

"Well. No. I want. toys. too. BUT. Okay. Well. I didn't mean that's all I want. Listen. You can give Alexander 8 gifts and give me 7. Because this will count as a gift. Okay? Pleeeeze!?

"WOW! With a bargain like that how could we pass up an opportunity of a lifetime for Christmas, Brian!" I replied


Although the show was funny, the greatest part was becoming star struck by meeting the face of radio in person and have everyone standing around you while Mr. Keillor talks to a you, personally,  about his show and life on the radio.

"What did he say to you Brian?" I asked

"I don't remember, Mom. I was too nervous. But if you notice, Garrison Keillor wore a red tie with orange sneakers and I wore a red vest with an orange shirt. Pretty funny, huh? I wanted to stand next to him for a picture but everyone was near me and I was nervous."

"That's okay. I think it's pretty neat that he talked to you. But next time maybe you should wait to eat a mint until you get home." I answered.

"Heh. Yeah. Did you notice he autographed a book for me?" 

"Thanks Garrison Keillor"

"Oh yeah. And thanks Mom. And Dad too."

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The Amazing Trips said...

I saw the sign for him on the Peace Center and would have loved to have seen the show. I just love downtown Greenville … it is such a cool spot and attracts some big stars!

You're shopping list just got a wee bit shorter. Awesome … I have yet to start!