Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goofy Helpers

 Forgive me if your reading this post
and it begins to sound like an acceptance speech for winning something big.
It is. 
And like most, It's a long one.


I don't think anyone makes it through a milestone, whatever it may be, without a little Lot of help from
family and friends.
I am one of many who is  fortunate to have people in my life who encourages and support my success.
The latest being the 
(3 medals!
There where times I didn't think I was going to make it.
Especially with back to back runs. 

The first and even the last person that I am thankful to for getting me through training and funding my habit
is my husband.
His love, friendship and affection - no one could ever match or beat.
Doesn't he look great in this picture?
At those lonely times when I didn't have a running partner or just wanted to sleep in, he would wake me up, and tell me to get going.
Depending on the day,  he would start out the door with me. Only to return home after a 1/4 mile to get ready for work.
In fact, I am so proud of him.
Without doing much training, he ran the 1/2 marathon with me on Saturday..
To my amazement he ran 9 miles without stopping, walked a few and ran miles 12 through 13.1 for a medal.
Strength in Numbers. 

Next,  I would not have made it through my Sunday runs if it weren't for my sister, Lisa.

There where times when I had to run 12 miles after just finishing 20 the day before. She would often meet me with a smile, a few jokes, water, FOOD and perhaps even a bit of gossip. Often she would run the whole 12 with me.

Once or twice on those runs we headed downtown where our older sister Karen would ride her bike  as we ran around the city of Greenville.

I think we may have even stopped somewhere for a pastry. (shh)
It was a fun thing to do.

 My brothers George and Bill and my Aunt Mary Lou who are always ready for a good luck phone call and later an offer of congratulations. 

My son James who gives his "Marathon Mom" credit for starting his own program
(Marathon and Mom... Those words still catch me off guard)

Once James and a few of his friends met at the local gym to join me on the treadmill,
which I refer to it as the Dreadmill.
It helped a great deal.
Thanks Son.
You inspire me too. 

My dear Mother who has traveled the farthest and was most patient to watch me cross the finish line of the "first crazy marathon idea" (Thanks Jen) and my Father whose voice I often hear.
"Don't give me your excuses. No matter what, Don't. Quit.." 

 My younger boys Brian and Alexander who have had to wait at the finish line each time I enter an event and for this race wrote out signs telling me to

"Hurry and Finish Mom!"
"We are getting bored!."
"Please, Get Here!"
"You won't get to eat Dinner!"
"We are still waiting, Mom!"

Those guys are such comedians.

 My friends Becky and Kristin whom my sister, Lisa  and I have known for over 10 years.
Although they refuse to sign up for any races longer than a 5k,
without fail, every weekend they would call and ask.
 "Are you running Saturday?"
"Tell us where you'll be and we'll run with you."

They have shown up at local 1/2 marathons for reinforcement and even supported my extended family.
Like they did in this picture when we all ran for the fight against Lung Cancer
They are a lot of fun. Thanks to Kristin, the blond one,
at times can get down right dirty,

 nevertheless, I am so grateful for each of them and humbled to call them friends.

There where times when my friend Terry an experienced runner who probably weighs lighter than a feather and is about 5' 11" tall and runs a 6 minute pace would call out of the blue. 
"Hey Girl. How's it going? Want to meet for a run?"
I would reply: "Terry, there is no way I can keep up with you!" 
"Oh no worries", she'd say, "I'll walk and run a bit when needed." 
She did.
For the record she had to walk at a really fast pace!

My new friend Sonya is amazing.
She quit smoking after about 15 years. Lost weight and started an exercise program one that has led her to complete several 5k's, 1/2 marathon and Olympic triathlons
She's been through some an incredible challenges the most recent is the loss of her daughter in law who suffered from ovarian cancer.Now she's not continue her program but trying to find a way to fund a cure.
She's like an energizer bunny

and states that when one gets "her" age one tends to win a few races in their age group
but I'm not sure I believe it.
Although in this picture she won second place
Lucky for me she was training for her first marathon which she completed in December.
We have plans to run our next marathon together, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.

Chelsey who wrote out a plan of action for me and offered daily words of encouragement and wisdom.
The people at my husbands workplace who sent well wishes and even told others of the finish. When we got back someone met me at church to tell me they heard all about the race from Tyler and Becky, my husband coworkers.
There were care packages filled with band-aids, kool-aid and cards for race day.

And least but not last so to speak, are those who never ran with me nor have I even met from the Daily Mile, a facebook type forum for runners, walkers, cyclist, etc.

While in Disney a DailyMile marathoner Larry from New Hampshire joined us for a celebration.
If you decide to join. Friend me.
I'm listed as Maggie H. 

To all of you and even those whom I didn't mention.
I really appreciate all the help I received throughout this training period
from those of the past.

I am sure you have grown tired and weary of seeing me wear my medals
I never could of gotten through it with out your help.
With love and gratitude,
Thank you!


Lisa said...

That last picture is historical!

Gossip??? Mmmmm not so sure I like that one BUT your welcome! I enjoyed it! except for the gossip ~ I really don't remember that. Maybe I was delirious from all those miles!

and Riener! I'm convinced he was training and skipping out on work or something. Did he ever say he was "running" to the store for something? Maybe he was realing running to the store for something.

GREAT JOB to you!!!!!!!!

Great Job on R's part too! even if he is dumb! and didn't know he had to train for a 13.1 mile run. I'm NOT so jealous of him!!!! Why would you say that???? Just because I trained for those runs and he didn't??? Hump! Like I care! Stupid! Riener!!!!!! Whatever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Post. Margaret! Love all the pictures. Congratulations to you and all your assistants.