Friday, June 28, 2013

Taking over MOM's Blog! :)

HI!! Welcome back folks! 

My Mom doesn't really use this sight anymore.  She forgot her password and then she forgot how to post.  She said she's to busy .... cooking and cleaning. 

Truthfully, she's busy getting ready to run another marathon! 
The next one is in Washington DC. 
We are really excited when she runs in other parts of the country because we get to visit to new places and see the sights. 

 She runs quite a bit and a long way,  sometimes we  follow her on our bikes. BUT we get tired and she gets grumpy.  Although, she is a lot of fun and we have a great time together!
More about her later. 

If your interested I'm sure she'll post about her training. 
(OR Just ask my cousin Kathryn!!)  
(Sorry. It's an inside joke.


SOOO my brother and I decided to take over her blog! :) 

She gave us permission. 
No. Really she did. 
(She or Dad will surely check it our before we put anything on it! )

That's our Dad. He's one of the best people in the world. 
More about him later. 

If you pay close attention, we might teach you how to chase rabbits, build swords and shields, clean a toilet, do laundry, maybe even cook. We might discuss best and worst lego designs, talk about our Nana, our cousins, family life, homeschooling,  picture taking or maybe not, but rest assured we will have lots of stuff!
(As long as Mom remembers her passcode and both parents approve our post.)

Okay, on to more important things... 

Guess what? My birthday is coming up soon! 
July 4th ~ big day around here! 

That's my older brother, he is a lot of fun, 
you got the drill, more about him later too.

Think I will show a  bit of the country my spirit!! 

Let's set off some fireworks?!! :) 


Then leave a message and encourages us to post!! 

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