Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Sister's Talent(s)

My sister Lisa

whom I just realized is behind the camera more than she is in front of it!

Hence the reason this seems to be the only recent photo I have of her. Taken this past weekend after a super "fun" run the two of us finished and therefore celebrated by treating ourselves to a delicious smoothie from the best smoothie place in the world. 

Anyway, I could go on and tell you that she is a great photographer, of which she is self-taught. I could go on and on about her ability to discuss, debate and debacle anything from politics to homeschooling. I could add her amazing sense of humor to the list, or her athletic abilities and successful marriage or even the accomplishment of being a wonderful mother among many other things...
  BUT none of these things has blessed her... I mean, our family's life more than her talent to make one heck of a fantastic moist chocolate-frosted chocolate cake.


Lucky for us... she makes a mean, melt in your mouth chocolate rocky road fudge too.


Lisa said...

Sooooo???? You want more cake????

Margaret said...