Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Wish for Stephen

Don't tell my sister BUT she has some really great kids big brats. Whom I simply adore ignore. They are always helping annoying one another and others! 

Someday, I hope that these kids can turn their lives around and really strive to make a difference in this world. If you've ever had the pleasure to meet these kids you'd know what I mean when I say.... She has such a long way to go.

It so happens that today, 17 years ago, Stephen, one of her "Fab Four" children was born.

In wishing Stephen a very Happy Birthday, as his Aunt, I feel it's important to give some advice on this milestone. So for what it's worth here goes...

Once in a while Stephen it would be nice if you would to take time out of your day to visit your relatives. Stop in and have a tall glass of water to simply converse with your Aunts and Uncles.  Think about others.  When someone ask for help. Give it. Volunteer to paint a room or help move furniture. 

Someday I hope you would find a passion. Build something. Like a bench for your Mother!  Be kind to your siblings. Be a good friend to them. Make breakfast for them every once in a while. Go fishing with your Dad. Take time to listen to your parents.

Stand tall and reach great heights! Stand up for your beliefs.  Start working on yourself and your image! It's important that you workout. Perhaps lift weights, ride a bike up a mountain or go for a run. Get out and enjoy things and people around you. Embrace nature.

I wish that you could take time to volunteer at the local church and become an alter server.  Be the type of person that your little cousins would aspire to be.  Finally, I hope you will start more paying attention to your Grandmother. Cut her grass. Clean up around her house once in awhile.

It is my hope that you will eventually heed my words and....

Have a wonderful day, Stephen!
Happy Birthday, Love M

It's truly been a delight and pleasure to be one of your many Aunts
Thank you for being such a fabulous nephew.   

(and great kid - in spite of your parents)  ;)


The Amazing Trips said...

Wow, what an awesome tribute ... and to think, it's all true!! What a great guy, er, young MAN. The family is lucky to have him!!

Happy Birthday Stephen. I once heard that you can tell the size of a man's heart by his feet. :) Now, PLEASE, wear leather gloves when you're woodworking!!!!

Lisa said...

I don't think he heard you. :) That's my baby.

Yay! You figured out how to get back on board.

Since I couldn't reach you I decided to wait until it got a little lighter and run around here. Blog hopping is such a great way to kill early morning time.