Monday, October 31, 2011

13.1 things to think about

This weekend my sister Lisa and I ran in the Spinx !/2 marathon in Greenville, Sc

Although she's a runner and athlete 

This was HER First Official Marathon 
Anyone whose run long distance knows this stuff is tough!

 I was so proud AND happy to see her cross that finish line. 

In fact she bought a 13.1 sticker for the back of her car.

She's Hooked.

Official Recognition of a Real Marathoner!! 

13.1 miles = 21.0824064 kilometers

13.1 things to think about

Mile 1 ~ I'm cold
Mile 2 ~ This is so easy
Mile 3 - I'm hot, I hate this
Mile 4 - Are you kidding me?
Where's the finish line?
Mile 5 - I'm hungry, where's McD?
Mile 6 - I'm thirsty, I.need.a.drink.
Finish line, where are you?
Mile 7 -  Ya know,  this isn't so bad.
Mile 8 - Leg cramp. Where is that stupid Bus?
Finish? Line?
Mile 9 - Are you kidding me? Another dumb Hill?
Mile 10 - Ok yes! Only 2 miles left!
Mile 11 - Wait! No! 2 miles left? What? 
Mile 12 - Are my feet and legs still moving? Are they attached?
Okay. So where's the finish line? 
Mile 13 - You mean I still have to run?
Mile 0.01 - I did it! So much fun!!!!!
Where's the chocolate?

You can't just buy those goodies off the shelf.
(okay. well. your not supposed to)

Hey, guess what... 
I beat my old time and had a personal record. Fastest pace to date!!

(Which isn't really that fast but faster than last year so...)
BUT the last 5 miles of this race was uphill!
Hey. I'm happy.

To everyone out there who is thinking about signing up for a marathon. WE say...


 On your mark

Get Set. 

Sign up for a race today! 

Who knows my sister Lisa and I may join you in the fun!


Lisa said...

Okay, I totally forgot to edit that picture of you with the medal and I HATE! that last one of me...LOL! I look like such a goober! But! I would do it again! If was totally fun! Love the 13.1 things to think about.


PS ~ I was totally happy you got your medal too :)

Lisa said...

Okay ~ I totally said totally wAy too much. TOTALLY!

The Amazing Trips said...

I'm so proud of you two!!!

Well DONE! :)