Tuesday, December 13, 2011

T-shirts of James

In looking through several pictures, I've noticed one specific theme     
involving our oldest son. Each time I try to get a snapshot of him, he's in a t-shirt.

Some of them are pretty funny, seeing a 22 year old wearing a t-shirt with the words "My mommy thinks I'm special" just cracks me up. (and Yes, I do).

I'm thinking... its a sign of my sons higher intelligence to wear a goofy shirt like a picture of the cookie monster, Elmo or even this one, of Einstein.

Although I am delighted that he stands up for what he believes and makes his values known...

Hm, perhaps some may be a bit cynical. 

Anyone for steak?

The cool ones display places he's visited. 

I'm not sure he's actually been to Bermuda... 
perhaps the places someone else visited?? Oh well.

 You have to admit this one is pretty clever. It's a t-shirt that he and a few of his friends designed for a local company. James' silhouette is the one in the middle, under the light. 
Can you see "his" glow? 
That's my boy.

After going through these pictures. I thought of sending his photo and a letter to the show
What Not to Wear
truthfully, I don't care.

James is one of my most favorite people in the world.
A super young man and a wonderful, kind individual anyone would have the pleasure to meet.
It has been my greatest joy to have him in my life.

Soon enough these t-shirts will turn to business suits. 

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