Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a good thing

My Mother has a special  talent with decorating. She understands the importance of making one feel comfortable and always welcomed into her home. 

Each holiday she places magical affects on everything she touches. Anytime there is a birthday or a special event my Mother knows how to pull it together. Personally,  I love the wonder of transformation on her home during this season.  Once my nephew George noted "Nana's house is decorated! Christmas is here! Christmas is here!"

Indeed it's a happy, warm and inviting wonderland. 

This year was no different. 

The front entrance is a simple of elegance of silver sparkling deer, plaid garland, and white poinsettia's. 

Turn to the left and you will find her living room glistening with crystal wise men, lights and angel atop a beautifully decorated tree.

Enter through an archway and you will find the dining room. Where Dickens village is placed on glass shelving overlooking  the festivities.

The table is set simply with an adorable reindeer runner and each plate meticulously placed in a strategic fashion for a wonderful social gathering.

I, like so many, love seeing the new, fresh ideas and decorations my mother originates each year.

Thanks Mom for teaching and passing on your welcoming views to the rest of us.

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